Story Game

Slayers Inc. is a bid to bring meaningful and easily executable innovation to Interactive Dialog. It utilizes non-linear state-driven dialog. These techniques create more organic and mechanically robust play than standard branching dialogs without requiring any increase in scale of content.

All of this is accomplished with basic scripting and without utilizing any more content or testing time than a traditionally structured scene. The methods involved are detailed in the white paper linked below and can be adapted to any game engine.

Below are two sequences from different points in the game's story.

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This system has many unique properties that set it apart from the common branching structure of dialog in modern games.
  • All conflict arises from and is resolved through dialog in order to demonstrate that compelling gameplay can be achieved through dramatic character interaction.
  •  All gameplay mechanics are integrated directly into the dialog.
  • The structure of the game scene is dynamic and highly recursive. Instead of relying on simple linear branching, the state and progression of the scene is managed by several dynamic variables that are directly affected by the player's mechanical choices.
These methods do not require any additional production cost to execute over other less dynamic systems.
  • Every mechanic was easily executed with 100 lines of code or less in javascript, 
  • Each sequence uses less than 2,000 words of VO
  • Twine outputs a text file that can be parsed by any engine.