Multiplayer Level

Maginot is a 5v5 FPS deathmatch level  built around a unique vehicle mechanic; Players can call in and drive a tank (similar to the titans in Titanfall). I created the map and mechanical prototype in Unreal 4.4 in roughly two weeks, by myself.

The map allows for interesting combat flow while preventing the player from losing a clear sense of space and position. This loss of geographical sense, the result of over catering to immediate flow, is one of the major pitfalls in modern FPS level design, Titanfall’s in-particular.  

Vertical Flow Loops
Despite the simplified movement mechanics, Verticality is still an integral consideration to the flow design.

Advantage and Counter Position Structure
Each hardpoint on the map consists of several balanced Advantage and Counter vectors of fire. This layout not only creates dynamic combat at multiple ranges, but it greatly reinforces the Geographic Sense of the level.

Vehicle Flow
The level is constructed to facilitate equally engaging and vertical vehicle flow. While intersecting with the infantry flow.

Feature Set
  • Networked FPS Multiplayer
  • Infantry pawn with automatic weapon
  • Custom Tank Pawn with working turret and cannon
  • Pawn Swapping Controller
  • Special Trench Collision volumes
Bug List

  • Tank Turret rotation does not replicate to other clients
    • It was considered inconsequential to the core level design and should be a minor fix that I merely have yet to fix.